Private Kitesurf Course

If what you need is a Kite monitor just for you, this is your course! The most exclusive and effective way to learn Kitesurf with our private course!

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Course Description

The most exclusive and effective way to learn kitesurf!! Kitesurf is a very easy sport to learn, it doesn’t matter your age or your physical strenght. You just need only few days course to be able to ride. This sport can offer you the nicest moments in the water and a lot of fun during your beach time.

Features of our Private Kitesurf Course:

  • We provide an instructor just only for you with a customized teaching!
  • This course ensure a constant kite handling, so you can get the best from your lessons.
  • With no doubts, this is the better way to learn kitesurf: it’s fast and effective because the teaching is concentrated in less time and only on you and your progress. You don’t have to share the kite with your buddy nor other people: you’ll mark the progression of your learning!!

You can do your private course starting from the level that you prefer: beginner, intermediate, advanced. Or you can choose to improve your ride: learn to jump, news tricks or start the surfkite: what you prefer!!!

If when you had finished your private course and you feel you need to practice more, you can get some extra days lessons for 50€ per hour.

If you need a Kitesurf instructor just for you, the 1 Day Private Kitesurf  (2 hours) is the course right for you!! (With 2 hours of private lesson you will reach the same level than in 6 hours in a course group).!

The 2 Days Private Kitesurf Course (4 hours) is the perfect course for those who want have a total “kite control”, in order to learn faster all kitesurf skills. (With 4 hours private lessons you can reach the same level than 9 hours group course)

With the 3 Days Private Kitesurf Course (6 hours), you will acquire all the technic needed to ride safetely and independently! With this course you will reach the autonomy of ride. You will learn how to handle the kite on the beach, to slide on the wáter and at the end you will ride with total control in all the directions. (With 6 hours private lesson yoy will reach the same level than in 12 hours group course)

In these courses you’ll learn:

  • Kite theory and meteorology (wind direction, type of wind, navigation condition,..)
  • Gear set up and Security Systems
  • “Kite control, Beach Fly”: Fly and control of the kite in the different fly areas.
  • Learn the international signals of kitesurf communication.
  • Land and take off the kite on the beach, one hand kite handling and move with it.
  • Get in and get off the water with a propely kite control.
  • Body Drag Upwind, use all the kite power to move on the water and sail against the wind by using your body like a keel.
  • Fly of the kite, security system and take off.
  • Beginning of “Water Start”, with the board at your feet: helped by your instructor you will learn how to rise on your board using the power of the wind and your kite. (From 2-Day Course)
  • Water Start practice with your instructor supervision. (From 2-Day Course)
  • You will learn to wrap and proceed towards an established point, set right your navigation position. (From 3-Day Course)
  • You will practice 2 wind directions, and you’ll sail against the wind. (From 3-Day Course)
  • You will sail independently, with enough security to ride without instructor’s supervision. (From 3-Day Course)
  • The target of this course is learning the right navigation, controlling the speed and respecting all kitesurf rules. (From 3-Day Course)
Note: this teaching doesn’t ensure a fulfillment’s commitment, because the student will advances through the different levels depending on his ability, type of course  selected and weather conditions. . 

Important Information:

  • Remember all our monitors will decide on your level and what steps you can take all the time looking for student safety and all those who enjoy the beach.
  • If weather conditions are not good enough for the course, remaining hours will be postponed until new dates agreed between client and TAF
  • If after the first kite class, you think this sport is not for you, we will refund the amount of your course minus the time spent..
  • If due to lack or excess of wind it’s time to go home, you can choose to defer the remaining class time for when you want and come back and continue your learning, or if you prefer, we will refund the amount of the hours that you could not enjoy.
  • If you come with your own group of friends, all you will have a 10% discount on your kitesurf course!


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