Tarifa is a paradise for kitesurfing, but sometimes it is a bit difficult to find the best spot. We know very well that in Tarifa there is always wind and that it is very likely that you can kitesurf somewhere. But this is where the problems start, as people often complain that the wind in Tarifa is very strong or very gusty. But that's only because they don't have the map of the spots of paradise. We are going to give you the key about the kitesurfing places in Tarifa for each type of wind.

The best kitesurfing spots in Tarifa according to the wind.

There are two main wind directions in Tarifa. On the one hand, Levante (from the east, warm and strong and gusty) and on the other hand, Poniente (from the sea, colder and more stable). They say that there are as many Poniente days as there are Levante days, but the truth is that Tarifa surprises us every year and this is what we like. We are going to detail the best spots for each wind:

Kitesurf spot for Poniente days:

On the days that the Poniente blows you can kitesurf wherever you want. The super beach of Tarifa Los Lances works very well, as long as it is not in the high summer season, which prohibits kitesurfing by bathers. But, you can go to Valdevaqueros . The Poniente wind is onshore, it takes you to land, so it is quite safe and you can hit the kite without problems. The Río Jara lagoon between Tarifa and Valdevaqueros also works great on Poniente days. Just remember that technically it is not allowed to kitesurf there, but… there are always people kitesurfing.

Kitesurf spot for Levante days:

This is when things get complicated, since this wind is usually very strong and it is offshore, that is, it takes you towards the sea and scares most beginners. But, don't worry, there are places that work very well for both beginners and pro on Levante days. Let's go there:

  • Valdevaqueros . The most typical place that "always" works. It is located a few kilometers west of the city of Tarifa, and the wind is mainly sideshore, entering from the side, parallel to the beach, even if it is offshore in Tarifa. It is a very beautiful area due to its large sand dune, and you can find good hamburgers and beer at the beach bars. Many beginners and schools come here.
  • Palmones . If the Levante is too strong in Tarifa (30-50 knots), there is a place in Algeciras that will have the perfect wind. Palmones. Here is a beach with waves and a lagoon with flat water (which will probably be full of professionals at high tide and good wind). But in the sea there is a lot of space.
  • Caños de Meca . If the Levante direction is bad, that even in Valdevaqueros the offshore wind enters with mega gusts, the best option will be to go to Caños. It is almost in Cádiz, so you have to drive to get there .. This place is in the lighthouse where the battle of Trafalgar took place.
  • Spa . It is the spot of Tarifa, on the right side of the island. In the early days of the Levante, it is amazing for taking high jumps and sailing at full speed. Here there will also be great waves to enjoy to the fullest. This place is not for beginners or intermediate kitesurfers on Levante days as the wind is completely offshore and you will end up in the middle of the Atlantic if you mess up.

From our school we encourage you to enjoy this great Kitesurfing paradise with every wind.