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1. You will learn kite before anyone else, making the most of your class hours on the beach, since at the end of your course you will receive your "KITEBOOK MANUAL" with all the theory of this activity explained and chewed, so that you do not forget anything about it. learned!
Our Group courses have a maximum of 4 people per monitor, 2 people per monitor for semi-private courses and 1 person for private courses.

2. We renew our equipment every year to have all the safety guarantees and to avoid wasting time with kites or old bars that break, our Eleveight brand is a world reference and synonymous with quality and evolution.

3. We have instructors graduated from IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and FAV (Andalusian Sailing Federation), of different nationalities, so you can give your classes in the language you prefer, don't miss a thing! Spanish, English, French, Italian, ...

4. Con nosotros siempre se paga al final, es decir, en función del numero de horas de curso el precio de la hora es mas económico, así que siempre ofrecemos empezar un primer día, ver si te engancha y luego ir continuando y decidiendo día a día.Una vez terminado el curso sumamos el total de horas cogiendo siempre la tarifa mas económica 🙂

5. At the end of your kitesurfing course with Tarifa Air Force, you will receive a kitesurfing Manual in English, where you will find all the theory of this activity explained and chewed so that you do not forget anything you learned in your course and make the most of your time when you return to surf!!



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