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The municipality of Tarifa is an ideal place for climbing, as it has a great rocky heritage. La Loma de San Bartolo is an area internationally known for climbers, as it has numerous equipped routes, such as Los Cernícalos, Los Alcornoques, La Cuarto, Mosaico, La Harmonica, Los Buitres ... San Bartolo is the most important in the province of Cádiz and perhaps the most beautiful, due to its location on an elevation that overlooks the marine inlets of Valdevaqueros and Bolonia.

Historically it was the first to possess the first sport climbing routes in Cádiz and Andalusia. It is located within the Natural Park of the Strait. It has two areas, the Upper one, the oldest and the Tajo del Búho or Canuto del Arca, with its popular Mosaic sector. Both areas have climbs on a similar sandstone, of great hardness and favoring grips on strips, edges, loins, chickpeas and mushrooms.

All combined in different angles, typical of each sector, which cause a varied climb, but peculiar to the area. Each sector and its orientation is more prone to a summer or winter season. The best is spring and autumn, although the changing climatology of this area, dependent on the west and east winds, causes very variable temperature changes throughout the year.


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