Characteristics of Group Surfing

Course description

Groups of all kinds come to our school to spend days full of unforgettable experiences, sports, waves, surfing, entertainment and fun.

Groups of university students, students of different levels and ages, co-workers, farewells, groups of singles, ... etc, come to Tarifa to experience first-hand the experience of surfing the best waves.

Over the years we have specialized in offering surf courses for groups, where we offer a 360-degree experience around surfing, a high-level surf center, equipment renewed every season, a qualified professional team ... etc. No matter the size of the group, we are prepared to absorb more than 30 people in our facilities.

Do you belong to a group and want to take surf lessons? At Tarifa Airforce we offer you in a personalized and adapted way Surf Courses for Groups

In addition to the surf courses for groups, we offer different courses depending on the time you want to spend on learning. The price of the class includes all the necessary material for surfing, suitable for each season and level:

Surf suit, adapted to the physical conditions of the student.
The groups are small and are taught daily throughout the year.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a budget without obligation.

Terms and conditions of

Booking Process

1. Reservation Process:

- Payment of the reservation can be made by Bank Transfer or through Paypal.
- Each client receives a confirmation of their registration by email by which the reservation process for a place begins.
- Within a maximum period of 5 days after the reservation, the client must deposit the amount of the reservation for the contracted services by transferring it to the Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force bank account, in case of having chosen bank transfer as payment method.
- The rest of the amount of the contracted services must be paid by the client, at the time of starting the activity, directly at our Tarifa Air Force center.

The price includes:

a. Type of accommodation to be reserved, if any.
A. The activities, services and accessories that are specifically specified in the reservation.
c. Applicable rates and taxes.

Any modification in the price will be notified to the consumer by email or telephone, and when the modification made is significant, they may withdraw from the contract without any penalty. In the event that the consumer does not indicate his decision within three days of being notified, it will be understood that he chooses to accept said modifications.

In no case will the prices be revised upwards during the 15 days prior to the start of the stay, course, ... regarding reservations already made.

2. Provision of the service

The conditions of the services offered by Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force, are specified in the offer reflected on the website itself (

3. Risks of a sport in nature.

Sports are highly dependent on the vagaries of nature. In the case of lack of waves, wind, or dangers due to weather conditions that make it impossible to provide the service contracted by the client; Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force and other service providers will make an effort to the best of their ability to compensate and if possible, provide these services when said conditions allow. In any case, it is necessary to clarify that, when these circumstances occur, there will be services that cannot be provided, nor a way to compensate them. The practice of this type of sports has its special risks due to the variability of the climate on the beach, the wind, the tides as well as all kinds of accidents. That is why it is important to absolutely comply with the instructions of the teachers and be perfectly aware and responsible for the risk that the practice of this type of sports and activities implies. Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force, as well as the direct service providers, are exonerated of any type of responsibility derived from those health circumstances not noticed by the contracting party that may put them at risk by practicing the sport or activity that is the object of the contract. Therefore, these conditions must be notified to the professionals of Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force prior to contracting.

4. Responsibility

Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force is exempt from any type of material, personal or any kind of liability derived from the practice of the sport or contracted activity.

5. Presentation of a 3rd person

Until the beginning of the classes, a third person may be asked to assume the rights and duties of the contract. Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force and accommodations, can be denied if this 3rd person does not meet the special requirements for the contracted activity, or if legal regulations or official decrees are against their participation.

6. Termination of the contract by the client

Termination of the contract is possible by following the guidelines in the next paragraph and has to be done in writing. The definitive proof and confirmation of the rescission of the reservation of the course, accommodation, ... is the receipt of the declaration of the termination of Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force and accommodation.

In the event of a termination within a period equal to or greater than 7 days prior to the beginning of the provision of services, the client will lose in favor of Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force the signal entered in the account of said organization unless the client yields your rights on the contract to a 3rd person according to point 5.

7. Termination of the contract by Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force and accommodations.

a) At any time and for any reason, always prior to the provision of the service, Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force reserves the right to terminate the contract with the client by paying 100% of the amounts received.

b) In the event that the client fails to comply with their contractual payment obligations, Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force will have the right to terminate the contract without any obligation to pay the amounts received so far.

c) Those clients who fail to comply with the guidelines of the professors, guides or other professional providers of the contracted service, may be expelled from the classes, courses or services in question without the right to receive the amounts contributed.

8. Cancellation and cancellation

In the event that the participant is unable to attend the course, the following conditions will apply:

If the cancellation is made up to a week before the start of the course, 30% of the total amount will be charged, that is, the amount provided by the client as a reservation.

9. Final clause

The modification or loss of effect for any reason of any part of the contract does not invalidate the rest.

Data Protection

The user is informed that the data collected through the various forms on this website will be part of an automated file, the responsibility of Kiteschool Tarifa Air Force The user may at any time assert the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition of which it is the owner, by written notification to our postal or electronic address (, in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, on the Protection of Personal Data. For more information on this, contact the company.

Tax Data

In compliance with article 10 of Law 31/2002, of July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the identification data is set out below: School Tarifa Air Force. CIF: 46779647Q
This is without doubt the best way to learn Kitesurf; It is fast and effective, since learning is concentrated in less time and this time is used 100%, as you do not have to share equipment or adapt to the progress of a group or partner, here the evolution of the class is determined by you.

You can do your private course with the level you want, beginner, intermediate or advanced; improve some aspect of your navigation, learn to jump, do tricks, get started in Surfkite ... whatever you want!

If what you need is a Kitesurf instructor just for you, the 1-day Private course is your course! (With 2 hours of private class the same level is reached as in 6 hours of group class). The most exclusive and effective way to learn Kitesurf with our private course!

The Kitesurf course of 2 days (4 hours) is the perfect course for those who want to obtain a complete "kite control" in order to achieve in a faster way the achievement of all the objectives in Kitesurf.

In the Kitesurf course of 3 days (6 hours) you will get all the necessary technique to be able to navigate safely! With this course you will be able to start browsing completely independently. You will control the kite on the beach, you will glide through the water and you will sail with the board with total control in all directions.

In these courses you will learn:

Theory about the kite and meteorology (wind direction, type of wind, sailing conditions, ..)
Assembly of equipment and security systems
"Kite Control, Beach Fly" (fly and control a kite in the different flight areas).
Learn the international communication signals in kitesurfing.
Lift and land the kite on the beach, handle it with one hand and move with it.
Enter and exit the water controlling the kite correctly.
Body Drag Upwind, use all the power of the kite to move in the water and navigate against the wind using your body as a keel.
Fly the kite in the water, water safety system, relaunch the kite in the water.
Start of the Water Start, with a board on your feet and the help of your instructor you will learn to get up on the board using the force of the wind and the kite. (From the 2-day course)
Water Start practice being supervised by your instructor from the shore. (From the 3-day course)
You will learn to girdle and go to a specific point, as well as to correct postures in navigation. (From the 3-day course)
You will practice two directions in the sailing, as well as you will navigate against the wind. (From the 3-day course)
The objective of this course is that you manage to navigate correctly, controlling your speed and respecting the rules of kitesurfing. (From the 3-day course)

Note: This structure does not guarantee a commitment to fulfillment as the student will advance through the different levels depending on their skill, the type of course selected and the weather conditions.

Important Info

Remember that all our monitors will decide on the fly what your level is and what steps you can take, always seeking the safety of the student and all those who enjoy the beach.
** In the event that the weather conditions are not favorable for the course, it, or the hours that remain pending, will be postponed until new dates agreed between the client -
** If after the first kitesurf lesson, you think that this sport is not made for you, we will refund the amount of your course discounting the time consumed.
** If due to lack or excess of wind it is time to return home, you can choose between postponing the pending class hours until you want to return and continue with your learning, or if you prefer, we will refund the amount of the hours you haven't been able to enjoy.
** Reservations subject to availability.

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