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In Tarifa Air Force we want to show you the most beautiful corners that Tarifa has and what better way to do it with a Paddel Surf route in which you will venture on a magnificent trip in which we will show you the Cape or Punta de Tarifa that serves as a dividing line between the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which embrace right in front of the city itself and where you can enjoy the charms of two seas in a single route ...

Only with this Paddle Surf route will you be able to discover the most unexplored corners of Tarifa with the help of Tarifa Air Force.

We will ensure that you get the most out of your SUP course, teaching you all the secrets of this sport and sharing good times in the water.

We put it all! You just have to bring the desire!

This Stand Up Paddle course is 2 hours long, the course includes SUP Board, Rowing, Wetsuits, Vest as well as civil liability and accident insurance!

If you want to extend hours, or you already know how to row and want to do a route, we have several routes in Tarifa and its surroundings of 3-4 hours duration, it is an experience worth knowing !!! Contact us and we will send you all the information about our Sup routes.

We are the Spanish Stand up Paddle School of Tarifa; learn with us !!!

Important Info

Recuerda que todos nuestros monitores decidirán sobre la marcha cuál es tu nivel y que pasos puedes realizar buscando en todo momento la seguridad del alumno y de todos los que disfrutan de la playa.
**En caso de que las condiciones meteorológicas no sean favorables para la realización del curso, éste, o bien las horas que queden pendientes se aplazará hasta nuevas fechas acordadas entre cliente –
**Si por causas de falta o exceso de viento llega la hora de regresar a casa, podrás elegir entre aplazar las horas de clase pendientes para cuando quieras regresar y continuar así con tu aprendizaje, o bien si lo prefieres, te devolvemos el importe de las horas que no has podido disfrutar.
** Reservas sujetas a disponibilidad.

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